Welcome to ARM and Energy Micro's University Program

ARM and Energy Micro University is an educational program developed by Energy Micro to provide teaching materials and development tools at a low entry cost. The program encourages learning and helps institutions start their own microcontroller training programs quickly.

Who is it for?

The ARM and Energy Micro University is primarily intended for universities planning to expand their microcontroller labs. However, the lecture series is even valuable for people wanting to learn more about microcontrollers in general, with special focus on low power application development. Watch the presentation below.

What is included?

The Energy Micro University package contains several parts:

  • A series of lectures
  • Keil MDK-ARM Microcontroller Development Kit
  • Simplicity Studio - energyAware Designer and Profiler tools
  • A discounted package of at least 10 EFM32 Giant Gecko starter kits
The lectures begin from scratch - explaining the basics, like what a MCU is, what it can be used for, etc. It goes through how to compile simple programs to interfacing registers and modules. Each lesson is complete with small excercises with solutions. The series is made so that each lecture does not depend on the previous lecture, so that you are free to pick and choose the lectures that suit you the best.

The Keil MDK-ARM (Microcontroller Development Kit) Software Tools is available free of charge to qualifying institutions to support teaching, laboratory work and educational research projects. Faculty requests for these materials should be addressed to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

‘Simplicity Studio’ ensures teachers and students always have access to the latest documentation, firmware and kit software to use in conjunction with the kits.

Especially valuable for universities trying to establish a low-power microcontroller lab is the bundle with discounted kits. The package contains 10 EFM32 Giant Gecko Starter Kits. Each kit contains everything you need, including debugging, power monitoring (AEM) and peripherals.

How to get started?

  • Fill out the ordering template
  • Specify the quantity required of product number EMUPK1000. Each package contains 10 EFM32 Giant Gecko STKs, and costs USD399,- excl. shipping.
  • Send your order to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .
Delivery address needs to be at an accredited university.